Back from the dead.

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This was my first car back in 1995, drove it as a student up until 1998.  Unfortunately, as a skint student I had to sell as the dreaded rust had taken hold of it. I remember it being loaded onto a car trailer and driving off into the distance I was gutted.

Fast forward to one night in December 2013, I’m flicking through eBay looking for a project. And there it was my old bug, so I waited patiently till Sunday morning where I called the owner and that afternoon went to view it and paid a deposit. Was told all welding had been done…….it hadn’t.

So from December 2013, through till December 2017, it was recommissioned and back on the road. Not a show car, there are some dodgy bits, but mainly it mechanically sound. Running a 1641cc engine, it cruises nicely at 80mph.

I help run a VW owners club in Essex where we go to shows and campouts and enjoy taking the bug. Still have plans to do the interior really nice, but it’ll do as it is for a while.

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