1300 Beetle

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Sean Dyche

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My 1974 beetle was purchased as a total restoration project by my wife in 2010 as a valentines present for myself at a cost of £225 winning eBay bid and brought without viewing “love bug”.

Having never restored a car in my life and not in the trade, I wanted to test my abilities, work commenced March 2010 in my single garage at home on the smallest budget possible.

Car was a bare rolling shell so had to sauce everything and work out where it all went, luckily heater channels, floor pan and main structure were all original and solid, I sauced a genuine Mexico front n/s quarter panel because the car at some point had accident damage so cut out and replaced.

The car had been various colours but was originally bright orange from the factory, I decided on VW mango green, brought a 25L compressor from Aldi and did the whole car myself.

The engine was next, managed to buy a 1300cc from a written off 1302 on eBay for £150 completely stripped & rebuilt & increased to 1600cc.

I finally finished the car May 2020 10yr resto but a now have a 46yr old brand new car, the total cost comes in at £4,500.


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