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Volkswagen and Porsche have a long and close history, lest we not forget that Ferdinand Porsche designed the original Beetle, and the Porsche 911 is essentially a sporty Beetle.

So it should be no surprise to see that Porsche has created a futurist “space shuttle” shaped concept called the Vision Renndienst.

No-one can deny how stunning and provocative the Vision Renndienst looks. Designed in 2018 and never seen before the design is said to draw inspiration from a VW T1 van used by Porsche decades ago.

It is interesting to observe that the ID BUZZ, planned for sale in 2022 as the first all-electric VW Microbus, was revealed at the Detroit “North American International Auto Show” in 2017. A fact which I’m sure would have also inspired the Porsche design team in the creation of their Vision Renndienst electric van design concept.

The styling of the Vision Renndienst certainly provides a sporty twist on the original VW T1 practically. While the VW ID BUZZ may try to re-establish design echos of the original “hippy bus” the designers at Porsche have taken a much more sporting approach.

The Vision Renndienst features a low and long body, with five-spoke aerodynamic wheels with a typical Porsche styled rear end and full-width light bar. The van certainly looks futurist and would draw a lot of admiration.

Being electrically powered the Vision Renndienst concept is not only stylish but also super practical. While Porsche never released interior images, the designers state that passengers would enjoy a spacious cabin with “Porsche-like flair”.

The design concept was seemingly purely conceptual and was created to show how “Porsche design DNA” could be adapted to a wide range of different vehicles.

The Vision Renndienst features in a new book containing never seen before Porsche concepts now available from retailers. The book titled “Porsche Unseen” showcases 15 inspiring Porsche vehicles created between 2005 and 2019.

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