Yuzee's 67

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David Hughes

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This is my bug that took me almost 10 years to restore to its current condition. This was mainly due to me becoming overwhelmed by the actual scale of the work that was needed to bring it up to my vision of what I wanted the car to look like and the standard I wanted to achieve.

I finished the restoration in 2018 but I recently built and installed a 1641cc engine with twin weber carbs that has now fully completed my project.

Apart from the engine upgrade the car has been custom painted in Black and Burgundy paint that was bought off Rolls Royce in a clearance sale for a bargain price of £50.

I’ve also installed air suspension to improve the ride and a full red leather interior.

I could bang on forever about my bug but to be honest the best part is enjoying driving it to the local beach for ice creams with my grandsons.

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