Gus the 1970 Beetle

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Gus the 1970 Beetle is my second beetle that I’ve owned. His current hobbies include sitting in my garage, going to car shows, and making Beetle Tik Toks. On a serious note, this little car has had a journey throughout the years. I have all of the original documents from 1970 and back then he was cruising down the California coast with his first owner Judith. Over the years he somehow made his way all across the USA up to Wisconsin where I currently am now.

With 56,000 miles Gus is basically a little time capsule. Other than basic maintenance things he is completely all original and even comes with the original tire jack for when you get a flat tire. Not one speck of rust can be found on this car as well and the paint is flawless. I’m proud to own this car and I’m excited to share it with you guys.

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